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What is ERH?

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) provides car poolers and van poolers with a reimbursable taxi ride home in case of emergency, personal or family illness, or unexpected overtime.

You may take advantage of Emergency Ride Home up to 6 times a year.

University of Michigan (U-M) employees in a van pool: Please note that Emergency Ride Home requests from University of Michigan van pool users are not handled on this site. For U-M related ERH questions, please contact or 734-764-1100 (phone)

How to utilize Guaranteed Ride Home

In order to take advantage of the Guaranteed Ride Home program, you must be registered on the iShareARide site. Please visit to register.Anyone in a van pool and registered on is eligible for Guaranteed Ride Home. 

To receive your Reimbursement

Please print out the following form and submit it with your receipt:

For more information please contact Gail Contrucci at 734-794-1760, or