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University of Michigan

 Welcome to the University of Michigan GreenRide Connect! 

As the University continues to grow, it is increasingly important for us to be proactive in providing tools for all of us to get to and around campus. One such tool is alternatives to the traditional commute, so we reduce single-occupancy vehicles on our roads and in our parking structures and lots. By encouraging all of us to reduce the number of times we drive alone each day, we help improve air quality, decrease traffic congestion, maximize our limited parking capacity, conserve fuel and promote better health!

GreenRide Connect is a web-based application that promotes alternative transportation by making it easy to find other individuals to share a carpool or vanpool. We have partnered with AAATA to bring you GreenRide Connect. The University of Michigan has it's own portal under the AAATA site for University of employees only. 

Let GreenRide Connect help you find ride-sharing partners by searching for other U-M staff who live near you and have similar work schedules. It's fast, friendly and offers anonymity until you decide to make your contacts formal. You can use your U-M email address to create an account or, for more anonymity, simply use a private email service, such as AOL or Yahoo. You'll get a map of the general area showing potential ride matches near you and along your commute route.


Carpooling and vanpooling helps you (and all of us) in many ways:

  • Reduces your automobile expenses: fuel, oil, maintenance.
  • Reduces your parking expenses - carpoolers will be able to split the cost of one permit with your fellow poolers using payroll deduction!    In addition, carpoolers, for a modest fee, will be able to request a reserved parking space, too!
  • Reduces commuting stress!
  • Gains usable time during your commute - talk, work, read or sleep.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by reducing auto emissions.



Looking for current vanpool openings? Go to Vanpool Openings


 Video Tutorials

Sign In If you have already registered for Greenride and just need to update your password, this video is for you.

Registration If you are brand new to Greenride, this video will help you through it.




University of Michigan


University of Michigan Vanpool Program

For assistance with the University of Michigan's vanpool program please contact
Logistics, Transportation & Parking staff at (734)764-1100 or